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by Henning Mersch

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What's CleanHome for?
CleanHome - cleans up users $HOME directory by analyzing "." config-files/directories against a collaborative maintained database.
Its pluggable approach makes it easy to develop various extensions. For example extensions could provide general information about the investigated .-File/Dir or could process a directory in a very special way (e.g. clean up Browser cache in .mozilla upon users request). A list of currently existing plugins is here.
Via the SourceForge Forums.
...or contact me directly via eMail (see below) or the Contact Page.
Details about project history etc is accessible from CleanHome's Sourceforge project page.
How could I contribute?
Three ways:
  • Report bugs, ask questions - make comments! Even these simple Feedback would help developers to make the project more helpful to other users.
  • Submit your new SimpleDB entries made -- either via submit form or via the upload capability of the program itself. The SimpleDB is the knowledge of this project and requires continued additions.
  • Write own plugins (e.g. for special .-Directory cleanup) and submit them to the project.
...but in general, every contribution is highly welcome.
The base system ( does not require any specific modules.
  • Perl CleanHome is written in pure Perl, no dependencies
  • various Special Plugins might depend on special Modules and/or binaries. E.g. the BrowserPlugin requires Firefox to be installed and the AptCacheInfoPlugin requires perl module 'AptPkg::Cache'
coming soon
  • nothing in queue
  • ...suggestions? Something missing? Please comment!
history of changes (CHANGELOG summary)
  • DpkgInstallState - Retrieve installation state of application by dpkg (done - added to v0.6)
  • Upload of user-made SimpleDB (holding info which .-File belongs to which application) entries for next release (done - added to v0.5)
  • WebFrontend for the SimpleDB (holding info which .-File belongs to which application) (done - added to v0.5)
  • LessPlugin - Viewing content of file/dir (done - added to v0.2)
Acknowlegements Logo...for hosting the project.
...and soon - YOU, if you decide to contribute :-)